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Ernie’s Surprise Birthday Party
A very special birthday took place on 29th January 2006 when Ernie celebrated his 80th birthday. Almost 12 months ago, the committee hatched a plan to throw a surprise party in Ernie’s honour and this took place on Saturday 28th  at the Bay Hotel, Newquay. Over 50 committee members and their partners together with a number of invited guests from past years assembled in eager anticipation of the arrival of our “guest of honour” who thought he and Esme were going out to an unknown destination for a quiet celebratory meal with Ian and Martine
After an excellent Buffet meal there were more surprises in store for Ernie as he was presented with a cheque for 250 collected from Committee members and others who came along. (Whilst he likes whisky, we realised that receiving 20+ bottles of the stuff would not help either his liver or indeed his complexion if he decided to bathe in it!) We hope he will use it towards something that will bring him enjoyment and pleasure in the future. Tony Webb also gave Ernie a large framed photograph of the Club trophies taken by Cliff Webb at last year’s dinner
All in all an excellent evening and one which we hope Ernie will remember for many years to come. Particular thanks go to Ian and Martine who undertook the vast majority of the organising and planning as well as Esme who was “in” on the secret and yet somehow managed to keep all Ernie’s suspicions at bay….not an easy task!!
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