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Posted: 16th Oct 2013
Two pieces of good news!
First ... Our President Terry Graves has achieved 5th overall in the National Sprint Championship. Not bad for a boy and especially as he didn't attend the Irish rounds.
So he can proudly display the number 5 on his machine for next year.
Well done that man.

And secondly Ian has already applied both for ASWMC status and for the same two dates next year at Portreath.

Although not discussed yet, hopefully the Cornish Speed Championship will be added, which will help spice up that particular challenge!

Posted: Wednesday 03/10/13 ...
Portreath Sprint,
Sunday 29th September 2013
Review ...

Well, what can be said ... a soggy day but a howling success! We're talking about very wet tarmac, the cabbage patch kids and a saloon car taking FTD!
To breakdown the last sentence, the tarmac was wet I mean pools of water wet, the cabbage patch kids were those determined to diversify into the cauliflower business, making their steed's a little muddy in the process and the quickest on 4 wheels happen to be a saloon car out for a Sunday drive!

Congratulations must go to Dan Gibson for allowing Mark Clayton to double drive his EVO and also allowing him take FTD! Dan you are so generous!! Times were 53.28 and 52.86 respectively ... and I must say well deserved results to both of you.

Two other drivers who were on the money and managed times both in the 53 seconds bracket were Phil Montgomery-Smith and Andy Williams. Phil came out just ahead by being 0.61 of a second quicker.
Not only but also (as they say), these two keen types had the luxury of only 2 wheels driving their wagon and in the type of conditions experienced can only be described as courageous with a touch of loopyness!! Now before you both sue me for the last remark, there is a compliment in there somewhere!

The various class wins were hard fought as usual with the following winning theirs:- Dave Edwards, Richard Trevail, Ian Rescorla, Steve Brown, Jan Yeo, Phil Montgomery-Smith, Peter Webster, Gerald Tout, Anthony Astley, Darren White, Fabio Luffarelli, Pete Matta, Mark Clayton and finally Steve Hatton who was 1 of 3 single seaters to brave the elements.

With 2 practice and 5 official runs a high percentage of you seemed to improve on each attempt. In fact every class win bar one was achieved on the very last official run!

There you go ... and so do we until next year! The Club was delighted to see so many smiley faces at the end of last weekend's event and look forward to seeing everyone again next year.

Roger Woodley
PS. Shame no photos allowed, would have made for some interesting footage!

Posted: 12/08/13 ...
Cornish Speed Championship 2013
Final Results ...

Posted: 12/08/13 ...
Portreath latest
Talk about rising to the occasion, there are more than 50 entries for this weekend! How good is that?! Quite a relief I must say.
To you all ... nice one!
Marshals ----------
Would all Marshals please be at the main gate between 8:30 am and 9 am (no later), ready for convey 9:30 and first practice runs at 10 am. Many thanks.
Update: Saturday 3nd August, 21:15
Portreath Sprint on 18th August is go ...
Regs & Entry Forms - Portreath Sprints

18th August & 29th September 2013
Yes it is happening. We're all ready to roll, we hope you are too!
Spread the word! ....more
Update: 21/07/13, 20:40
2013 Classic & Sports Tour of Cornwall
Done and dusted for another year! But what an enjoyable day
Now showing Trophy winners ...
Posted: 20/07/13, 22:15
Anyone can join in! ... more info
Posted: 10/07/13, 21:30
Boconnoc Motorsport Carnival - 28th July 2013
For more info ...
2012 Classic & Sports Tour of Cornwall
Images by Graham Timms...

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