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St Eval Sprint Remembered

There's an old saying ... "there's nowt as long as a memory".
One of those memories will be St Eval Sprint.

St Eval was originally built as an RAF airfield in the 2nd world war. Next to the airfield at is a distinctive church, which served as a landmark for returning aircraft to this important base.
For those interested, the church contains some interesting memorabilia and history and is well worth a visit.

Long after receiving its final enemy air raid St Eval Airfield became a lasting venue for Newquay Auto Club's Sprints. In Fact it has been the home of the Club's Sprint meetings for almost 50 years. The first Sprint meeting was held around 1954 and with only a few exceptions (foot and mouth precautions in 2001 was one) there have been competitions every year until 2011.
However, all good things come to an end and so in that year St Eval saw its final sprint meeting. It was an event to remember. Full entry and crowds of people there to witness the end of an era. A venue which will not be forgotten.

A video recording of the last sprint at St Eval - 26th September 2011


The Club gratefully acknowledge the help of the MOD, RAF St. Mawgan and the St Eval Parish Council for their assistance and cooperation in the running of motor sport at St Eval over the years.
But we do have the memories.
From now on this page will be designated to St Eval Sprint memorabilia. If you have any old photos, stories, anything that will preserve the memory of St Eval Sprint I would welcome the addition.
Please contact me on: and we can take it from there.