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Newquay Motor Club on film - 1958!

Here is a blast from the past! In fact 51 years ago when men were men and hobnailed boots were a must have!

The following film begins at the London Inn, Summercourt 1958, where members of Newquay Motor Club (as it was known then) gathered for the start of a Checkpoint Rally. Now I’m not quite sure what a Checkpoint Rally was but Ernie did tell me that part of the game included blind-folding the driver!

As you watch the film you will notice that one of the cars leaving the start is a gleaming Vauxhall driven by a young Ernie Moyse with a very attractive young lady beside him … it can’t be Audrey Hepburn can it? … no it’s Esme … an easy mistake to make!
I mention this car, not only for its occupants, but something that concerns me much more … it’s not a FORD!
Driving a tank in the war is one thing but Ernie in a car without a FORD badge on it --- that's a different matter all together!
They tell me he even has FORD written on his underwear so what turned Ern’s head? I expect like me you find this very disturbing!
It must be the best kept secret since Mother tried to cook a pasty in a Breville sandwich maker!
Suffice to say Ernie saw the light and moved to different wheels, which you will see later in this film.

The second part of the film shows the skill of club members on a Driving Test at St Eval. Now known as an Autotest, a Driving Test consisted of cars maneuvering around 5 gallon drums whilst being timed to the second.

Star turn was … … you’ve guessed it … none other than … the one and only Ernie Moyse!
Ernie, at the time was wearing a very fashionable 100E with 1 reverse and 3 forwards. The cosmetics didn’t stop there – Oh no, underneath was a perfectly matching 1000cc, side valve, 4 piston sensation!

Might I also add … this driving test was held so long ago there’s not a Mini in site!

Two other “keen types” in the film who contributed much to the club in their time are Peter Tonkin and Don Tremayne. Peter would try his hand at everything, trials, autocross you name it. He also worked tirelessly helping with setting up events and packing away afterwards. People we can’t do without.
You may remember seeing him at the 50th anniversary dinner/dance a couple of years ago. He had long white hair – very theatrical!

Although Don Tremayne is seen in the film competing in the Driving Test he was better known for his antics in Newquay Auto Club’s then famous autocross events. Although seen peddling a Lotus Seven at one stage it was the self built Nimrod Special that saw him take FTD at just about every autocross held at the time.
It is also good to see Don as a regular participant on the Classic Tour of Cornwall with his superb self rebuilt Jaguar.
By the way, the Nimrod, I’m told is still in the county … just! The present owner now lives at Launceston with his lovely wife Mary. I am of course referring to John Waters. John, who used to live close to Newquay was another stalwart member of the club. Following on from Don he was also famous for winning at autocross and driving tests.

If I carry on much longer this will become a history lesson! Anyway, hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane!