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Sunday 21th June 2009
St Eval Sprint : A round of the ASWMC Championship

Renamed the "Halfshaft Sprint"! ... 5 shafts cried no more!

Another fine sunny day was ordered and granted to us at St Eval on Sunday 21st June. So good were the conditions that the age old problem of grip and break raised its ugly head, this time causing several halfshaft failures.

Highest claim to fame went to David Sims who managed to break two shafts, both on the start line, one outing after the other. However they (meaning Roy and David) had the forethought to carry 2 spares. Not to be beaten they repaired the car both times and David went on to record FTD.

Ian Thomas also managed devour one of the same, leaving him without a steed. However, a very kind friend leant him some wheels allowing him to stay in the frame. Well that was the theory, but would you believe Ian also found the weak spot in that machine – the hub on the end of the halfshaft no less!

Not to be out done, one more shaft decided to join the fray ending Ian Tucker’s fun for the day! However, Ian still managed a class win and trim a little more off the class record before this malfunction stop play.

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Our first ASWMC Sprint championship round is on Sunday 21st June. Hope you can make it!
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