In remembrance of Basil Coad 1933 – 2019

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Basil Coad 1933 – 2019

Basil was Basil. Like cheese is Cornish Yarg, or ice cream – Callestick, Basil was Basil. The mention of his name brought a beaming smile to people’s faces, accompanied by “Awh Basil, yes!”. There was no other!

A few years ‘back along’, if you’d been farming a Council farm, the odds of you meeting Basil were almost a certainty. He was often found digging a hole perhaps in the middle of a corn field where water had risen to the surface by artificial means, a leaky pipe. Call Basil. There was no other!

Basil was also known for his love of motorsport. Autocross and Rallying, he left his mark. Autocross with the Lotus and rallying with his home made Mk1 Cortina.
Folk law has it on one occasion that Basil and his best mate Brian, rallying to win, ended up in a pond at Talskiddy Harbour! Nobody laughed more than Basil himself. There was no other!

In latter years his pride and joy was a Massey-Fergy tractor. This steed saw him take part in many a tractor run and rally.
Basil, a smile for everyone. There was no other.

Deep felt condolences to his wife Ann and family.

Funeral service: Tuesday 31st December 2019, 11am at Treswithian Downs, Crematorium.