“Corona”… Ah, I remember it well!

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“Corona” Ah, I remember it well!

Bottles of fizz with an over-centre clipped bottle top! As kids we were only allowed 1 bottle each week!
Add the word virus and the fizz is taken away…. flat!
So …. what to do?
Catching up on a few jobs the wife has found for me!
Cleaning out the workshop, has uncovered some weird and wonderful objects, which I won’t go into just now!
Go out and shoot a rabbit for lunch.
Look forward to the US President putting the world to rights.
So much to look forward to!.
And how was your day?!!

On a less frivolous theme, with theme being the operative word, it’s time for a new website. Watch this space!!

The virus is playing havic with the world at the moment and I do remember saying to Kathy (my dear wife), ‘back along’.
“Mother nature is going to give us all a kick up the backside at some stage” Well, if not, she’s doing a very good imitation at this juncture!!

Having been reminded that we still have a sprint date in September, it’s not possible to make any decisions yet, as to whether it’s a goer or not. There will be a lot of figures to crunch and head scatching before then.
However, think how lucky we are to live in the toe of Britain, where we have as good a chance as any to get something off the ground, sooner that most …. maybe?!
And how was your day?!!